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Paul Simon (Teacher)
12 Calle 1-25 Zona 10,Guatemala,Guatemala,Guatemala
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Jul 25, 2014
About me

Hi! My name is Paul Simon. I can also help in Spanish and I speak French. I can coach students in the following topics:

  1. Math, Algebra, Pre-calculus and Analitic Geometry, Physics, Chemistry.
  2. Chemical Engineering: Unit Operations, Thermodynamics.
  3. Air Spray and Airless Spray Paint Equipment Theory and Practice. Including Comparative return on Investment when purchasing new equipment.
  4. Specifications of Paint and Coatings. Performance data and utimate applied cost.
  5. Instruments for measuring coating thickness.
  6. Abrassive Blasting Equipment and dehumidifiers.
  7. Abrassive Materials.
  8. Instruments for measuring abrassive blast profile.
  9. Data Monitors for Temperature, Relative Humidity, Pressure.
  10. Selection and application of high performance Sinthetic Lubricants [Industrial, Food grade]. Including Test Protocol.
  11. Selecction, application, formulation of food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics using functional additives: Antioxidants; Emulsifiers; Maltodextrins; Starch.
  12. Functional addives for Industrial use: Antioxidants, Emulsifiers; Maltodextrins; Starch.
  13. Import and Export requirements and transactions for equipment and materials.

I hope I can help you with any of these topics, either on a one time visit, or with multiple sessions.

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