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Right to bear arms in California, USA Requested Date: 05/30/2014 04:00 PM
Date Posted: 05/16/2014 12:17 AM
I am living in the California Bay Area for the last several years and would like to know what is the law for bearing arms and what to do in case there is an intruder on the property (who is armed). Can we bear arms? If so what kind? If there is anyone who is authorized to provide legal advice, please contact me.

Willingness to pay $75 for 2 Hours

Mens shirts manufacturing company in Tirupur India Requested Date: 05/26/2014 12:30 PM
Date Posted: 05/14/2014 11:55 PM
Hi, I am an independent mens shirts designer based in California, USA and looking to partner with a mens shirts manufacturer in Tirupur, India for getting them done. If anyone is available, please get in touch. I will be designing and the factory will manufacture the clothing offshore.

Willingness to pay $115 for 3 Hours

Designing mens shirts Requested Date: 05/23/2014 06:00 AM
Date Posted: 05/15/2014 02:37 AM
I have ideas on creating various types of mens shirts and looking for an expert to guide me on how to approach tailors to get them stitched overseas (India, China) for getting them manufactured (samples) to then sell to boutiques in the US. If anyone has done this or know someone, please get in touch

Willingness to pay $95 for 2:30 Hours

How to do t-shirt designs for kids? Requested Date: 05/23/2014 10:00 AM
Date Posted: 05/15/2014 01:31 AM
I am a parent of a 5 yr old and looking to speak with someone who can get me started on how to do screen-printing on white t-shirts for my son (with pictures of birds, animals, spiderman etc)

Willingness to pay $80 for 2 Hours

Need to speak with an expert to setup aquarium at home Requested Date: 05/21/2014 05:00 PM
Date Posted: 05/15/2014 01:24 AM
Hi, I am a beginner when it comes to starting an aquarium and would like to speak with someone who can help me setup a started aquarium at home. Any experts out there?

Willingness to pay $75 for 2 Hours

Indian female (Age 30) looking to meet with Indian men for mutual... Requested Date: 05/20/2014 12:30 AM
Date Posted: 05/15/2014 11:47 AM
I am currently finishing my Masters in Public Health and looking to speak with Indian men who are working in high-tech/software or medical professions for mutual friendship. I have fair complexion, height 5ft 9 in and can speak telugu, hindi.

Willingness to pay $60 for 1:30 Hour

Indian male (Age 32) looking to meet with indian women in the Bay Area... Requested Date: 05/23/2014 03:30 PM
Date Posted: 05/15/2014 02:09 AM
I am a software professional and working in a high-tech company in the Bay Area. I am looking to get married to a girl with a similar background (software, medical etc) and who can speak tamil. If interested please contact me.

Willingness to pay $85 for 2:30 Hours

H1 Student (Male) seeking telugu professional girls for mutual... Requested Date: 05/19/2014 09:30 PM
Date Posted: 05/15/2014 11:31 AM
I am a Technology professional (Age 27) and just completed my MS and working at Intel in Santa Clara. Looking for hindi speaking girls for mutual friendship and potential matrimony. My details - Height 5 ft 7 in, fair complexion, healthy and fit. If interested, please contact me.

Willingness to pay $75 for 2 Hours

F1 Student (Male) from Andhra Pradesh studying in Bay Area looking for... Requested Date: 05/26/2014 06:00 AM
Date Posted: 05/14/2014 11:54 AM
Hello, I am interested in speaking with telugu girls from Andhra Pradesh for potential marriage alliance. I can provide details via personal message. I am fair complexion, 5 ft 8 in height and good looking.

Software Engineer (Male) from Hyderabad looking to meet telugu girls for... Requested Date: 05/23/2014 10:00 AM
Date Posted: 05/14/2014 01:14 AM
I am currently a F1 Student completing MS in 1 yr. I am interested in meeting telugu girls in the Bay Area for friendship and potential marriage. Caste not an issue. Please contact me and we can discuss further