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SMEs are There to Help When You Need an Online Mentor
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As the world goes more and more digital with each passing day, the processes of imparting and receiving knowledge undergo some massive changes too. Within just a decade or so, the modes of educating individuals have changed so much that they are even being implemented in large -scale sessions in educational institutions. 


Gone are the days when people would go to libraries or ask knowledgeable acquaintances around when they came across a road block in their work, studies or even day to day life. Life has become much faster and complicated since those days and the methods of acquiring information about everything has become much convenient along with it. The first thing that people tend to do now when they have a question is go online and surf the net in order to get the answer. It is an undeniable fact that nobody has the time to research or wait around for a friend to come up with satisfactory answers when their job or studies depends on that very answer. That is why they need an need an online mentor. The ease of gathering practically  unlimited  knowledge about something via the online medium has facilitated work flow along with easy exchange of information.


The process of imparting the knowledge is quite easy to. An inquirer visits a reputed website of the aforementioned type and posts their question there. A subject matter expert then schedules an online session with the one with the question at a time which is convenient for both. Convenience and easy knowledge flow are what makes these online channels so popular.

In this regard the benefits of online knowledge exchange can be stated as follows: 


  1. convenient 
  2. relevant
  3. immediate 
  4. affordable 
  5. fun 
  6. easy to use.


It would be wrong to assume that only students need an online mentor or online knowledge imparting sessions are only meant for educational institutions. Even in this age of rapid digitalization, many people are unaware of the fact that there are subject matter experts or SMEs who provide precise and proper answers via online channels to inquirers. There are certain websites that form a platform where inquirers can ask questions about any subject including sports, medicine, finance, lifestyle, engineering, etc. and SMEs would answer their queries in an organized and comprehensive manner.  


As all the SMEs are acknowledged masters of their respective fields and are constantly acquiring new knowledge to keep themselves updated about everything that is happening in their area of interest, their knowledge base is both thorough and complete. This guarantees that the information they are providing to others is genuine and will satisfactorily answer their question.

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